Tributes To Tokona

3 thoughts on “Tributes To Tokona

  1. shibuyagenba Post author

    Thanks for making one of my favorite albums ^.^

    I’ve enjoyed your work so much over the years that I want to tell everyone about it and keep your memory alive through your music.

  2. Asanuma

    Tokona-X was a damn legend. Best voice in Japanese hip-hop for sure, hand down. He was ruthlessly murdered by the Yakuza just months before becoming a major star in Japan. Love ya and miss ya , TOKONA-X…

  3. Mr. Adams

    I first heard his music here:
    at 34:39, posted who it was? & Ryan M. Leary answered:
    “It’s “Let me know ya…” by TOKONA-X.
    There are a few English lyrics in there so you can kind of get an idea of what’s going on, but the rest is in Japanese.
    Unfortunately, the artist died a little more than a year after he made that song.”
    Then found it:
    This is some of the absolute coolest music ever! ( :


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